Dr. Ala Stanford, MD - Services

Services Provided by R.E.A.L. Concierge Medicine, Co.


We will educate you about your health care condition(s). Strengthening a patients’ knowledge base about their condition or that of a loved one is empowering. The patient and family become an active participant in their health care management.


Certain health conditions are unique to an individual and may be associated with age, gender and or ethnicity. We perform surveillance or screening of certain conditions stratified by risk factors. This improves patient outcomes. Preventative health care is linked to longevity.


We vet and have a direct link with physicians in all subspecialties in your region. Vetting the best hospitals and care providers for your care as well as knowing the most up to date treatment regimens for your condition.

End of Life Care

For some there is no medical or surgical cure however there is still MUCH life to live. A person may require medical support while continuing to enjoy the things that bring them the most satisfaction and joy. This is critically important to us and is the focus of our care for some of our patients.


At R.E.A.L. we follow and enforce HIPAA; The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 to protect the confidentiality of a person's medical information. We understand that it can be difficult when you are in the public eye to receive proper care focused on you and your needs. We ensure that your needs are met while exercising extreme discretion. We will provide you with an alias when requested.

Discrete Access

When possible we provide care in your home. However when optimal care requires a hospital visit. We arrange for discreet entry into and exiting the premises with minimal to no contact with the public should you choose.


For annual and or complex medical visit(s) your physician will accompany you to your appointment with the specialist (if you request). There are often treatment regimens that require subsequent visits. We will facilitate to make sure the plan is followed for the best outcome and also to determine if it requires modification.

Second Opinion

We will provide and or coordinate a second opinion with (1) a doctors visit, (2) review of medical records and imaging and (3) provide a detailed assessment of your diagnosis with a treatment plan. We will identify the specialist required to best render a thorough opinion and present the options to you.


You or a loved one may not be well enough to travel and medical assistance is required. We can arrange for medical professionals to travel with you by ground or air with all necessary medical equipment.

You or your friends and family may be traveling internationally and require immunizations. We will coordinate this service though your friends and family may be located in different places prior to travel.

Staying at Home

With some conditions a hospital stay is recommended as a patient may need daily or round the clock care, with infusions and frequent monitoring. This service is evaluated on each individual basis, however we are able to perform most care in the home. Being at home for many patients is therapeutic and also brings peace.

Acupuncture Phlebotomy/Infusions

These services can all be performed in the comfort of your home. Should you require lab work to be drawn and or infusion of electrolytes, intravenous fluids, nutrition or medications, we provide this service.

Repository of Medical Records

We serve as a repository for all of your medical records, securely kept. An electronic medical record provides an ease of coordinating your health care with other professionals.